“A joy to work with….”

“Ms. Moser is a truly gifted dancer, choreographer, director, and humanist. She adds a human element to all that she touches and is a joy to work with. We, who know her, are better for the opportunity to know her, work with her, or for her, and to help her develop her creative ideas and projects.” Jefferson James, Artistic Director of Contemporary Dance Theater.

“An asset to any endeavor…”

“Susan is a treasure. Every student of hers that I have encountered, when you say her name, they gush. In a world that values artists less and less, Susan hangs in, remains passionate, keeps believing and learning, and making a difference for so many, many people. She would be an asset to an endeavor she undertakes.” Bekka Eaton, Director of Theater Engagement, Miami University Regionals Theatre

“A wonderful role model…”

“Susan was a wonderful role model for the teachers at West and the Kindergarten Center. The children knew they were respected and loved, and they would do anything for her. Her excitement and enthusiasm about movement were contagious.” Arlene Swihart

“She inspires confidence…”

“Susan creates an environment where everyone can thrive, regardless of their body type, athletic ability, or previous experience with dance. She inspires confidence in one’s abilities that allows the students to explore movement freely and without inhibition.” Andrea Chenoweth Wells, Artist in Residence, University of Dayton