Susan’s journey to the Grief Recovery Institute began after her father’s death. She found the program life-changing and wants to share this valuable work with others. She has worked in the performing arts industry as a physical storyteller for thirty years.

“As a dancer, educator, and choreographer to all ages, populations, and ability levels in several schools, universities, and my studio, I experience every day the need to help people find their voice. Movement and the arts are a way to open channels to the humane and create a safe, communal place to have painful conversations.”

The Grief Recovery Method creates a similar experience by offering a beautiful model to help everyone bring voice to their story.

“Loss is a part of life, and it is a regular conversation in my work. Becoming a Grief Recovery Method Specialist adds the depth and a dimension to my abilities to help people navigate loss and find a community of support.”

Susan is available for group and one on one sessions. Visit Susan’s page on The Grief Recovery Method website to schedule a session.


“I had a traumatic childhood and multiple successive traumatic life experiences when I came of age. I’ve been in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for 14 years, and have spent much of that time analyzing my past relationships with less-than-loved ones to understand why certain things were said or done. Most of my therapy has been in learning how to not abandon myself – to stick up for myself and hold reasonable boundaries. But none of my sessions or years in therapy has proposed the idea of coming to emotional completeness – of delivering the communication that could not be said or would not be heard. Susan guided us through identifying our STERBS, charting our loss graph, mapping out the relationships we felt we most needed to complete. I was surprised to find that it was not my late husband that I needed closure with, but my father, who is still living. Realizing the extent to which my grief over our relationship affects me in my day-to-day relationships was a revelation. Writing the Goodbye Letter was painful, but again, Susan was there as a faithful and supportive guide. She made no illusions of being superior to us or to have it all figured out, but rather she existed with us in the trenches of despair – she in hers, we in ours, all in each others’. We found community there at the bottom of that well of grief, and that sharing was incredibly healing. My pain doesn’t feel so special, so secret so guarded anymore. And that’s an incredible thing. I’m so grateful to Susan, and to the GRM for this guide on the path of grief. I can’t recommend it enough…”

Sarah Robards